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Betty (BJ) Abrams Original Paintings

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Pray 4 "OUR" nation and it's youth everytime you think about or hear about some of the evil that has over taken their young minds. Also, pray for our PEACE officers that they remember the words "protect and serve." Finally, pray for all the politicians that they will remember that they are servants no demigods to try to rule over the people.


We have layaway available for Christmas and the holiday season or any reason.

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BJ Abrams is primarily an oil painter, secondary medium is acrylics.

Mixed mediums create two and three dimensional objects de art.

Clay sculptures. 

Wood and bead jewelry.

Experimental pieces in metal, wood, paper, clay and cloth.

purchase prints of my work at; 


Front St, Open Saturday mid-day. Stop by & visit with us.

President William Jefferson Clinton Library Show.

 Recognized as an International Artist by US Chamber of Commerce. 

Art Across Arkansas.

AR State Fair. 

Angel Press Publishing, Monterey, CA; I illustrated books for writers and showed my art in the foyer of the book store.

Chicago, IL Several community shows.  Outsider artist.

New York, NY Several multi-artist shows in SOHO.

Florida; Tampa, Miami, and Jacksonville.

TX; Dallas, Houston, Texas City 

And a host of other small shows over 45 years.

A group of young musicians and singers from central AR who you will love.

Check out the website!


Art Lessons Available for Individuals and Groups, stop by for art when you begin fall redecorating.


Black Friday Specials in Gallery for Black Friday sale!  There will be plenty of, loose, unframed originals greatly reduced. All Genres, lots of abstracts. Great prices!


Hi Yall! Hope everyone is warm & well fed, healthy & happy!

Happy Thanksgiving to oneand all! 

Kids back in school, come take art lessons to relax and reflect.


! My prayers 4 each of us is that our plates and hearts will be full of love and good food!

New works are Framed & waiting for U!

Come inside, sit a spell, talk, paint & create something special.

You or/and your group can have fun painting at my private studio.

All lessons are by pre-scheduled appointment.

 Faby's Restaurant is across the street 4 lunch and dinner

Kings Club/Bar is next door for libations. 

Next door to Kings is a coffee shop with free internet and snacks.

There is another art gallery across the street, about one-half block up from my gallery.

Photos of you, your family, your pets, call WyHawk 501-908-6951 also 

ball games and most sporting events live, concerts recorded. 

Shop downtown, but be ready 2 spend the day cause there are so many great shops to visit.

Right: "Hitchin A Ride" 16"x20" Acrylic

This is one of my favorite painting, just because it is quirky and fun.

Send me an e-mail & let me know your favorite type of art, U might C it here soon! Again, thanks for stopping by!

Please support your local artists.  You can often obtain original paintings for less than mass produced large box store paintings that will not appreciate in value.