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Below:  "Ole Cotton Fields Back Home."  16"x20" Oil on Canvas.  Original and prints available.  Original $10,500.  Prints of same size, shipped/sold with White matt--$157.00.  Print #11 available, arrives with certificate of authenticity signed by painter/artist.

Many of the paintings are available in my Google album at the above link.

Below: Cranes-N-Flight. 16"x20" Oil on Canvas

Two Black cranes are about to take flight in the early morning hours from a local lake.  Original $7,750.  Print #19-$157, includes shipping and handling.

Below: Evening Stroll. 10"x12" Pastel on Cloth.

Original $880.  Prints $100 with original artist's signature.

Family Reunion. 18"x24" Oil on Canvas

18"x24" Oil on Canvas.  Original $3,300.  16x20" prints $159.

Below; Fall on the Beach; Oil on Canvas, 16x20"

Original $555.  Prints $159 for 16x20"

Feeling Bloated. Oil on Canvas. 20x24"

  Original $750.  Prints $157

Across the Track. 12"x16. Oil on Canvas

Original $2,350.  Prints $157.  

White Crane in Early Morning Mist. Original 10"x12" on Silk.

Original $1,675.  Prints; $100.  Includes shipping and handling,  Shipped with white mat.

Expectations. Oil on Board. 30"x40"

Original;  $1,900.  Prints; $157.

Below: The Entertainer. 16X20" Oil on Canvas

Original $4,440.  16X20" print $100.

Below; Crossing Over; 18"x24" Acrylic on Paper

Original $1,938.  Prints $159.

Wine in Grotto. 8x10" Oil on Canvas.

Original $450.  Prints $80

Dancers N Blanca. 18x24" Oil on Canvas

Brief Description

Below; After the Storm; 18"x24" Oil on Canvas

Original 24"x30".  Prints $157

All original paintings are copywrited. Nothing is Free!, 501-908-6951.  Prices are negotiable.