B. J. Abrams' Original Paintings

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Eclectic Arrangement

This page shows an eclectic mix of paintings themes in acrylic, oil and mixed media.

Above; Borne of Pain. Original Available via gallery. Contact 4 price. This piece was painted while my broken foot was healing. Only piece I painted that year.

78 Degrees(or) A Perfect Day.  One of my favorites.  16x20" Acrylic.  

Below: Oil on canvas. 8x10" original $450

Wine Bottle in Grotto.

Below: Bird of Paradise

16x20" Oil on Canvas.  Original $250


Oil, 24x30"  Original $2,500

Cola & Husband

16x24" Oil on Canvas

Buffalo Soldiers

16x20" Acryic on paper, 1996.  Original available, contact for price.

Today's Art is Tomorrow's Masterpiece!

Blowing in the Wind.  Acrylic on paper.  10x12."  Original $1000.

Below: A Perfect Day

Acrylic on canvas:  A couple enjoys a day of gardening.

Blue Moon Rising

18x24" Acrylic on Paper.  Original $2,350

Abstract on old Mirror

24x24" Acrylic on Glass with Frame.  Original $600


16x20" Oil on Canvas.  $1,965


12x14" Acrylic on Canvas.  $7,500.

Below: A Lady's Honor. $4,750

30x40" Oil on Canvas.  original available.  Two Knights of Olden days joust for a Lady's honor.

Visit often for new works and sales. We do haggle!